RHONDA DICKSION, CPSA, CPX, is an award-winning colored pencil artist, editor-in-chief of Ann Kullberg’s COLOR Magazine, and is on the board of directors of  the Colored Pencil Society of America.

She is also an award-winning graphic artist, photographer, writer, and web developer who loves tinkering with technology, road trips, playing the ukulele, dogs, barbecue, gizmos, lightning bugs, watching the river roll by, making people laugh, and anything that makes her laugh.

Rhonda discovered colored pencil on a whim in 2014, after a paint n’ sip evening inspired her to find an art medium that didn’t involve brushes, a drop cloth, or getting paint on the dog. Her bold and graphic style of colored pencil art quickly earned recognition in the art world as well as a following amongst collectors.

Here are a few places her work can be found:


Audio: The Secret to Getting Better with Jesse Lane and Ann Kullberg

Artist Profile in COLOR Magazine, August 2018

Featured Artist in Find Your Voice: Your Unique Style in Art


Jumpstart Tutorial: Pumpkin on Drafting Film

In-Depth Tutorial: Dazzling Chrome

Rustic Blues tutorial (cover) COLOR Magazine, Feb. 2017


Fine Art Connoisseur, September 2019

International Artist Magazine, Oct/Nov 2019

Colored Pencil Treasures 8, 2022

Colored Pencil Treasures 7, 2020

Colored Pencil Treasures 6, 2019

Colored Pencil Treasures 5, 2017

Draw Reflections in Colored Pencil, 2018


Framing “Wildberries”



“Mona Me” self-portrait